About Zebra

What we do in Zebra

Zebra Technologies is a global company whose products are providing innovative solutions in more than 100 countries all over the world. Zebra is now a leading brand in barcode printers, barcode scanners, RFID technology, handheld computers and many more. You can find our products and technology solutions everywhere – in shops, hospitals, warehouses, sports stadiums, airports, post offices, factories, logistics companies, government institutions, metro stations.

Brno Shared Service Center is a hub of excellence for Zebra globally. In Brno we support our customers and our colleagues from different Zebra branches, from different countries. We are experts in customer care, order management, marketing, contracts processing, high level technical support, accounting, invoicing, financial analysis and many other business operations. Thanks to our daily work our customers are satisfied and their own business can run as smoothly as possible. In the Brno office you can meet people from over 30 countries and hear more than 10 European languages. Join us to learn how we make a global footprint. Join us in our stripy world.

Our objectives and values

Our purpose:

Creating smarter organisations through greater insight.

Our vision:

Together with partners, we’ll create a smarter, more connected global business community.

Our mission:

Delight customers with the ability to take smarter actions through innovative products and solutions that enable visibility.

Our values:

Integrity - We do the right thing no matter what. We always act with courage and respect and maintain the highest ethical standards.

Teamwork - We are one Zebra. We value team over individual success and capitalize on unique contributions of all in our efforts to better serve our customers.

Agility - We are nimble, proactive and adaptable. We are comfortable with risks and recognize the need to adjust quickly to seize new opportunities.

Accountability - We proactively seek solutions and are undaunted by obstacles. We accept responsibility for our decisions, commitments and relationships.

Innovation - We are creative thinkers who champion bold ideas in all aspects of our business. We freely challenge the status quo to advance the business and help our customers.

Important milestones from history
1969 – foundation of the company
1992 – foundation of the branch in the Czech Republic
2004 – opening of the office in Brno
2014 – expansion into a second building
2014 – first Progressive Employer of the Year award
2015 – expansion of the financial department in Brno by almost 60 new colleagues, we now number over 400
2015 – our employees established the Zebra Sports Team
2015 – Zebra became an official partner of the National Football League and supplies the NFL with tracking devices for athletes ("The Official On-Field Player-Tracking Provider" of the NFL)
2016 – expansion of customer support by 40 new colleagues, we started supporting customers in Turkish and Arabic
2017 – we continue to grow and expand to the third building

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