We are change   makers

A global leader in barcode scanning and printing, mobile computing, and RFID.


  • You may not always see Zebra, but our solutions are working behind the scenes in many industries around the world.
  • We are a community of changemakers, innovators, and doers who reinvent how businesses run and move society forward.
  • We develop new technologies and create new solutions. With our partners, we help organizations act with greater visibility, connectivity, and intelligence.

Zebra Technologies
in detail

Zebra Globally

  • 50+ years
    of history
  • Barcode printing & scanning leader
  • 6 500 unique patents
  • Innovative & dynamic environment
  • Hardware and software solutions
  • Intelligent Automation, Machine, and Computer vision
  • 10 000+ employees in 120 locations
  • 10 % of revenue spent on R&D

More About Zebra

Zebra Brno

  • The largest office in the EMEA region
  • 800 +
  • 58 nations under one roof
  • Communication in 10+ languages
  • English is our first language
  • Modern offices in the city center
  • Investing in training and development
  • Opportunity to grow in specialized career
  • Here since 2004

Welcome to our home

Have a look at the brand new Zebra Technologies offices in Brno, the Vlnena office. When you stand on its terrace, you can see the outstanding views of the whole city. The design is based on layering tropical and subtropical climate zones. Its modern and functional interior also complies with the highest ergonomic standards to ensure every Zebra employee feels comfortable.


  • ABSL – Value Creation
  • Sodexo Zaměstnavatel roku, Jihomoravský kraj
  • ABSL – Employer branding & people engagement
  • Forbes’ America’s Best Employers for the 6th year
  • Zebra Technologies offices in Brno, Vlnena awarded the best offices in the region

Across every major industry we are here

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